Improve your community and become a brand

PlayerXP is an innovative sport platform for Web and Mobile aimed at turning a player into a brand and improving your data gathering.


Objectives and Features

PlayerXP tasks consist of enhancing the relationship between an athlete and his/her fanbase by creating and growing a solid community and by stimulating their interaction. Moreover, its ultimate objectives are improving data gathering processes, monetizing with Adv banners and turning a player into a brand. These actions can be developed with the support of the following features that PlayerXP offers:

  • Quiz/Instant Game
  • Forum/Wall
  • Keyboard/Stickers
  • Autograph
  • Membership
  • In-App Purchases
  • X-Commerce
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Social Update
  • Player Bio, Info, Stats
  • Personal Calendar
  • Media
  • Player Match Center
  • Sponsor
  • Survey
  • Fan Cam

Features - Detail


Biography, awards, achievements and all the updated statistics about the player.

Social Update

All the updated contents shared by the athlete on his social media channels.

Personal Events

Timetable of all the personal events that the athlete has scheduled.


All the latest news about the player. Exclusive photos and videos of the games.


Fans will get the chance to access exclusive contents through the membership area.


Possibility to support player’s charity fundraising, to buy exclusive gadgets, and to receive autographed photos.


This is the opening page of the app. The user will find engaging and immediate contents which can be quickly accessed. In particular, fans can easily visualize the latest news about the player, its last and next game, and brand new media contents.

  • News
  • Adv Banner
  • Schedule

Player Bio

Users can visualize all the biographical data related to the player, including all his profile information, his awards, achievements and his detailed history.

  • Biography
  • Awards

Player Statistics

This section is focused on all the updated statistics about the player. In particular, here it will be possible to monitor all the results performed by the athlete both playing with his club and his national team.

  • Club Statistics
  • National Statistics

Social Update

This is the section where all the contents shared by the athlete on his social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) are collected and where fans might follow the player in real time.

  • Instagram Feed
  • Twitter Feed

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